Allegiant Cover Revealed

Divergent book 3 Allegiant cover high-res


So here it is. The cover for Allegiant. Isn’t it amazing?!

I made a prediction on twitter, last week, that the logo on the cover would not be one we had previously seen. So when the cover was revealed earlier today on the Today Show (Re-watch the reveal here), I couldn’t help but smile a little with satisfaction.

The new wave symbol is not a faction logo, however it does appear in the book, according to Veronica’s recent blog post (Read here). She also confirms that the landscape at the bottom of the cover is indeed O’Hare airport, as a few fans pointed out.

Does the airport symbolise something? Will Tris travel away from Chicago and discover what lies beyond the fence? What about the wave?

It’s also been pointed out, that the books represent 3 of the elements: Divergent – Fire, Insurgent – Earth, Allegiant – Water. Pretty interesting, huh?

So what do you think of the cover? Do you love it or hate it? Is it what you expected? Do you think it represents anything? Let us know!

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